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July 1, 2015

Body Fat Energy Availability or Hormones – Book Excerpt

So a few weeks back, I provided a short teaser on a recent new book project about women, training and fat loss.  It spun off of a different project that I’ll be returning to after a short break and when I’m done being Batman.  And while it had originally started as a fairly small booklet, as these things go with me, it kind of kept expanding and expanding.

Some of this was due to having to patch in a lot of information from the project it had originally come from to make it a stand-alone book and the rest of it was due to just how damn complex the female system is.  I’d mention that bodybuilder, powerlifter and coach Eric Helms contributed the peak week information along with invaluable feedback.

Women Training and Fat Loss TOCYou can see the full Table of Contents by clicking the graphic to the side and that is finalized (finally).  Yes, it really is 350 pages long making it my longest book ever (The Ketogenic Diet is only 325 pages by comparison).  But anybody who knows me knows that when I do comprehensive I do comprehensive.  And believe it or not, not only is it done but the edited text is at my printer so I can get a proof.  And it will be available in print and digital format.

In any case, here is another excerpt from the book, dealing with the causes of secondary amenorreha.  For those not familiar with the term, primary amenorrhea is when the onset of menstruation (called menarche) is delayed; as frequently as not this occurs in females involved in sports such as gymnastics, ballet, ice skating and other sports that “emphasize thinness” (as the literature puts it).

Secondary amenorrhea is the loss of the menstrual cycle that occurs in women after menarche has already occurred. While there can be medical reasons for this, I’m focusing here one on of the old ideas about what caused amenorrhea and what is actually going on.  And yes this chapter addresses other related concepts, not just this one.Oligomenorrhea is an infrequent cycle, defined as a cycle occurring between 35+ and 90 days (the “normal” menstrual cycle runs from 24-32 days or so).  Hyperandrogenism refers to women with relatively higher testosterone than normal.

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