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November 30, 2015

Monkey Monday Sale 3

Monkey Monday MonkeySo those of you with a good memory may remember that this day last year, in lieu of the traditional Cyber____ thing, I did Monkey Monday instead.

Well proving that I have little to no originality (honestly, look at my book titles), I’m just basically reusing the same concept but this time it’s a sequel.

That’s right, folks it’s Monkey Monday 3: This Time It’s Personal.

When the monkey, who has been defeated twice before comes back.  Probably in 3-D.  Because now he’s mad.  And he’s going to MAKE you buy a book.

Anyhow, monkeys rule and everybody who knows me know that I love me a good monkey.  I mean will you just look at this little guy?  Seriously.  He’s awesome.

Until Midnight Tuesday December 1st, I’ll be offering a flat $10.00 discount on any order placed through my store.   Hardcopy, e-book or one of the New Product Bundles, the discount applies.

Just enter the coupon code “MonkeyMonday3” when you go to checkout.  So if you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy a book or need a Christmas present or something, NOW is the time to get it. NOW NOW NOW (Yes, Veruca).

The monkey said so.  And you can’t resist that little guy.

Note that this coupon can be combined with my standing Two Book/$10 Discount.  So order two books with the coupon code and you’ll get $20.00 off the total order.   Just make sure they are both placed in the same cart or the two book discount doesn’t get applied.  And don’t forget to share this with everyone or you’ll make the monkey above sad.

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