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September 16, 2014

A Few Short Announcements

Hi folks, just a few short announcements today.  I know I still owe everyone Part 3 of Two-A-Day Training in the Weight Room but it’s still on delay for the time being.


I am having a problem with the link structure on my site and a lot of people are getting 404 errors on articles.  I can’t pin down what it is but I assure you that I have NOT pulled down any content.  I did something inside the site, broke it (as usual) and am working to fix it as we speak.  A lot of external links aren’t working into the site but if you search you can find the content.  I’ll get this fixed as soon as possible.  I hope.

UPDATE: Thanks to DL on Facebook, the links are now fixed. I owe you, dude.

The Extreme Rapid Fat Loss Handbook

Last week I released a combined book package including The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook, Guide to Flexible Dieting and a bunch of add-ons, one of which was the Extreme Rapid Fat Loss Handbook, a new 8 page booklet based on this study that can generate a true fat loss of 4.5+ pounds in only 4 days.  But since I sometimes have The Dumb ™ it didn’t occur to me to make it available separately.  But after a billion (± a billion) people pestered me about it, I did so.

You can buy that booklet by itself here.  It’s $6.99 doesn’t apply to my normal two-book/$10 discount and I can’t offer my normal guarantee on it.


Although they are not formatted explicitly for the Kindle, I have made my books available (at long last) in the Amazon Kindle store.  You can see my author page and all of my books in the Author Page.  No, I don’t smile for pictures.  The best I can apparently do is to not scowl.     Even though the print books are shown on my author page, I will NOT be selling them there for various reasons.  It’s digital books only.  So if you’ve been waiting to buy it in a semi-kindle format or just want to leave me a review there, please do so.


Dogs are awesome.  That is all.

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