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July 18, 2014

Updated Resources Page

So folks often ask me what kinds of things I personally use or recommend.  And while I’ve had my resources page hidden somewhere on my site, it’s needed a long overdue update.  One site had changed and one no longer existed.  And since I actually had a reason to update it (a new addition, right at the top), I wanted to put it in front of everybody’s face.

Basically, the stuff on this page is stuff I personally vouch for.  I don’t get kickbacks or affiliate payouts from ANY of it (I occasionally get a free sample but that’s about it).  Basically I don’t make money if you check out these companies.  They are on here because I believe in them.  So go give them your money.


One question I get asked fairly often is what resources I think highly of or believe in myself.  Both in terms of my own reading and learning materials or what products I actually use.  On this page, I’ve listed products that I personally either use (in terms of some of the supplement companies I buy from), read (websites, etc.) or simply think are good enough products to highly recommend.

Mind you, such lists as these are never complete and I will be adding to this list over time/as I find new resources or simply remember old good ones that I forgot to put up here.


Briar Lane Hommeade Jams, Jellies and Fudge



Briar Lane Jam:  This may seem like an odd entry for this page but I know that people look for quality foods and are willing

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