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November 17, 2016

Sol Orwell is a Liar

Let me get directly to the point of this post: Sol Orwell, founder and former owner of, is a liar and today I’m going to show you why.  Before I do that, let me say that I think Examine is a great resource.  I refer to it frequently and refer others to it.  This post has nothing to do with Examine (which Sol sold anyhow).  It has only to do with Sol Orwell and a lie he told publicly about me.

Here’s a link to the tl;dr below.

The Start of Sol Orwell’s Lie

On October 26th, 2016, Sol Orwell made a post that started with a rambling bit about politics before turning somehow to racism within the fitness industry and using this as a springboard into claiming I am a racist.

He continues in his first comment on the post to not so subtly accuse me of using an unforgivable racial slur.

Along with a screencap that includes my Facebook profile picture, he states:

“This is the person who called me a sand n*****r”

So let me examine the entirety of this story in some detail.

Sol Orwell’s Claimed Racial Epithet

Without dwelling on it, I want to look at the supposed racial epithet Sol Orwell says I used towards him.  The term has always been one that is used against Middle Easterners (you know, brown skinned people who live in the sand, etc.).  I’m well aware of this fact as I am half Middle Eastern on my mother’s side (my last name throws off everyone).  I’ve never had it used against me but most people never assume I’m Middle Eastern in the first place.

Read the rest of Sol Orwell is a Liar

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