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January 26, 2015

Round Backed Deadlifts Another Look

Ok, my brain must be feeling better since it’s, oh my god, new content.  This is actually one of many pieces that have been floating around my brain but, let’s just say I had other things going on for a bit.

Anyhow, what I want to look at today is the arguments surrounding the whole round backed deadlift thing.  I think what brought this to the forefront right now was Greg Nuckol’s analysis of the dead lift from a mechanics point of view that I read the other day.

Now I have previously done technique articles about the clean-style deadlift as well as the RDL vs. SLDL and in both I certainly seem to be against any sort of back rounding in the deadlift.  Well, yes and no.  Even in the first linked article I specifically stated:

And just as I was talking about a very specific style of bench press in the previous technique article, I want to make it clear that this piece is only detailing the clean style deadlift.

I mention this in that, in recent years, other deadlift techniques have become somewhat more common. Rounded upper backs and more of a stiff-legged type of DL are being seen. This seems to be especially true in geared powerlifting and among super-heavyweight lifters. But those are very specific styles of deadlift for every specific purposes.

But today I want to get more into details.  Mainly I want to talk about how the two different extremist camps are doing something that I almost wrote an entirely pointless separate article about but can probably cover in like two paragraphs.

Arguing Across Each Other

This concept, which I’m sure has some technical name (I’d call it, generally, “Internet Idiocy”) is something I see a lot of.  It describes a case where two people or groups are vehemently arguing some point but fail to realize they are actually arguing about completely different topics.

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