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Methods of Endurance Training

In Predictors of Endurance Performance, I talked a little bit about the three primary predictors of overall endurance performance which were VO2 max, functional threshold, and efficiency.  Over the next two (or possibly more depending on how verbose I am) articles, I want to look at some of the actual methods of endurance training that are used commonly to improve endurance performance.

Today I want to mainly make some introductory comments, looking briefly at some of the major adaptations that occur in response to endurance training.  Also, since it gives some important background to understanding why different methods of endurance training work, I’m going to have to bore people with a bit of molecular physiology regarding something called AMPk.

In the next sets of article(s), I’ll look at the specific methods within the context of the information I’ve provided today.


Adaptations to Endurance Training

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