Cut the S#it Get Fit Podcast Interview

So about two weeks ago I did another epic podcast with Rafal Matuszewski of the Cut the S#it Get Fit Podcast. We talked about an epic number of topics including but not limited to women’s health, nutrition, video games, virtual reality, plagiarism, writing books, research, weight loss, doctors, and more. They are audio only so you don’t get to see my epic facial hair this time.

Revive Stronger Podcast: Refeeds Revisited

Back in 2004, I wrote a little book called A Guide to Flexible Dieting, basically arguing that being less extreme with a diet would work better. Of course, nobody was ready to listen then although, in the last few years you can’t swing a dead cat without seeing a post or ebook about flexible dieting. Sometimes folks even cite my work (in one case it was blatantly plagiarized but that’s a different story). At least I’m not bitter. I still don’t know why anybody would be swinging a dead cat around but that’s a topic I’ll have to look into at a later date.

And Yet Even More Podcasts

The first was on the topic of PCOS with Jason Leenarts of the Revolutionary You podcast. The second was on injury recovery (to talk about the book I just released) with Vicky Merceta and Broderick Chavez of Evil Sports Genius sitting in. Finally, is my most recent podcast with Danny Lennon of Sigma Nutrition where we talk about the issue of nutrient partitioning.

Epic Podcast with Abbey Orr of First Base Fitness

So while I have an exciting announcement (hint: new book, no not THAT book) in a week or two I want to make people aware of yet another podcast I did recently with Abbey Orr of First Base Fitness. As usual, I talked way too long and I think we went about 2.5 hours in total. I do love hearing myself talk.

Evil Sports Genius PED Podcast Part 2

The first part was pretty general so we sat down to do a second one where he got into much more of the nitty gritty of how he approaches cycle design for different situations. We also re-addressed the idea of PCT and coming off anabolics along with a host of other factors and we must have gone for 2-3 total hours since he has a LOT of information to share (and neither he nor I will shut up or stop chatting about other stuff).

And Yet More Podcasts

I also did a long podcast with Steve Hall o the Revive Stronger Podcast where we talked about, among other topics, the use of transition phases for people seeking physique gains. I had written about this on the site before but we went into a lot of detail about how they might be used between gaining and dieting phases, dieting and gaining phases, as well as being a form of practice for long-term maintenance when a Full Diet Break is done within a longer diet.

New Podcasts with Vicky Merceta and Jason Shepis

So a couple of new podcasts that I did recently. The first was with Vicky Merceta of Don’t Fear the Weight on, as you’d imagine, women’s issues. It was a monster 2 hours although we had to re-record the first hour when Skype ate it. The first hour focuses on issues related to nutrition, fat loss, mistakes women often make along with concerns such as the loss of the menstrual cycle. The second was dedicated to training, more from a performance and muscle growth standpoint. Until the women’s book is done, this should give folks a good overview of the topic.

Sustainable Self Development Podcast Interview

I had the pleasure of doing a podcast with Abel Csabi at the Sustainable Self Development Podcast. Another other topics we talked about some of the issues with flexible dieting and IIFYM as well as restrained and disinhibited dieting and slowed weight loss. Abel had to break it into two parts since it ran about 2 hours (because I will just not shut up) and I’ve waited until both were available to put it up he

New Podcasts: Mind Body and Evil Sports Genius

I did two new podcast interviews recently, one with Lidor Dayan for the Mind Body Podcast and another on anabolics with Evil Genius. Enjoy!