Changing Technique Part 2

But people walk into the weight room every day and not having a coach is more the norm than not. Olympic lifting is a possible exception (and I can usually tell 9 out of 10 times if someone comes from a true OL background by how they squat and lift). And this is where a lot of the Internet arguments and overall issues show up. This isn’t to say it doesn’t apply to other sports of course; for all I know people on ping-pong forums sit and analyze technique with the same arguments as I see on weight training forums. Ping pong players please chime in in the comments.

Changing Technique Part 1

In his own words, in its most extreme form, absolutists feel that there is one proper lifting technique, that they know what it is, and that anything less than perfection is to be shunned and ridiculed; they also seem to judge performance solely on technique where good technique is good performance (regardless of actual performance) and poor technique isn’t. A guy with perfect technique who is getting ass stomped in actual competition is the superior lifter to them.

A Dog Trainers Thoughts on Behavior Change

The post I’m going to make today is something I’ve not only wanted to put down for a while but was originally written for a monster book on fat loss that I started last year (which is 95% done and from which the women’s book sprang).  Since that book focuses on fat loss, most of […]

Muscle and Strength Pyramids by Eric Helms – Book Review

Given that it’s the New Year (remember that 2016 goes on your checks now, man that dates me, how many people still use checks) I wanted to review a couple of new e-books that should help almost anybody (except perhaps the complete novice set up a plan. And those books are the “Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid” and “Muscle and Strength Nutrition Pyramid” ebooks by Eric Helms, Andrea Valdez and Andy Morgan. I’ve shown the pyramids below (the covers are prettier) and I don’t know why the formatting is off.

Bipolar Recovery Year in Review

I at least started the process of repairing the damage I had done previously. For the record., on contrast to what one idiot claimed (as a means to dismiss me of course), I NEVER blamed the bipolar for my behavior; I take responsibility for all of it. But this individual is either ignorant, illiterate or just an outright liar (more accurately, he’s just another weak-minded idiot in a field full of them). I couldn’t patch it up with everyone and I accept that. I’m not big on forgiveness or second chances and don’t expect everyone to be ok with how I acted or my apology. So it goes.

Male and Female Physiology – Q&A

How much of the recommendations for women in your upcoming book should men with low T take into account? As a young man with low testosterone who has neither the funds to afford TRT or the desire to throw fertility into question, I am constantly wondering if I should follow the dietary/fitness/etc guidelines for women or men. In my case low T presents itself as a lack of muscle mass and more feminine “stubborn fat” areas. How often and in what situations should men in similar situations as me follow guidelines and instructions set for women over those set for men?

Podcasts and Interviews

I wanted to collect the various podcasts and interviews I’ve done with folks in one place (and thanks to the folks who helped me get this list together since I’m awful at saving these) for those who want to hear me babble about the same stuff repeatedly for 60-90 minutes at a pop. Unfortunately, the […]

Does the EC Stack Stop Working

And the answer, in my opinion is no. Rather, the perceived loss of effect is for a different reason. And that reason is how the body adapts to dieting. We know that with dieting/fat loss, there are adaptations that occur in all aspects of the energy balance equation. There is an increase in hunger and appetite along with increased enjoyment of highly rewarding foods (highly palatable, high-calorie, high-fat, high-sugar foods). There is even an increased noticing and attention to those foods that occurs.

Carbohydrate Loading for Endurance Events – Q&A

In any case, the concept of carbohydrate loading is that through some types of dietary manipulations, the body’s normal glycogen stores (glycogen is carbohydrate stored in muscle and liver) can be overfilled, like overfilling the gas tank after the nozzle stops. This puts more fuel into the tank. So why is this useful?

Bipolar Recovery Update 7

I know I have mentioned in previous updates that my bipolar swings seem to be very seasonal with my hypomanic upswing happening in the spring and my typical depression being when fall starts and the weather changes again. Which means that the rest of the year it’s pretty boring and stable. And this summer certainly was. Honestly, it just sort of moved along as I was grinding along on editing and re-editing and re-editing the women’s book.

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