Does the EC Stack Stop Working

And the answer, in my opinion is no. Rather, the perceived loss of effect is for a different reason. And that reason is how the body adapts to dieting. We know that with dieting/fat loss, there are adaptations that occur in all aspects of the energy balance equation. There is an increase in hunger and appetite along with increased enjoyment of highly rewarding foods (highly palatable, high-calorie, high-fat, high-sugar foods). There is even an increased noticing and attention to those foods that occurs.

Carbohydrate Loading for Endurance Events – Q&A

In any case, the concept of carbohydrate loading is that through some types of dietary manipulations, the body’s normal glycogen stores (glycogen is carbohydrate stored in muscle and liver) can be overfilled, like overfilling the gas tank after the nozzle stops. This puts more fuel into the tank. So why is this useful?

Bipolar Recovery Update 7

I know I have mentioned in previous updates that my bipolar swings seem to be very seasonal with my hypomanic upswing happening in the spring and my typical depression being when fall starts and the weather changes again. Which means that the rest of the year it’s pretty boring and stable. And this summer certainly was. Honestly, it just sort of moved along as I was grinding along on editing and re-editing and re-editing the women’s book.

Dietary Restraint and Cortisol Levels – Research Review

I’ve also pointed out that, in addition to certain dieting and training practices, there is a certain personality type that seems more prone to this. When I am being polite about it, I call them tightly wound. When less so, I say they are neurotic as hell. More accurately, they are neurotic about things like their body weight and eating habits. You can always tell these people by the online threads they start. It’s always “WHY AM I NOT LOSING WEIGHT?!?!?”. You can hear the stress in their typing.

Setting Exercise Intensity

Today, I want to look at the issue of setting exercise intensity in the context of aerobic work, interval training and weight training. It’s something I’ve been meaning to write about for a while (I think I actually started an article on it years ago) I have included it in other books (notably the Stubborn Fat Solution) and it is going in the woman’s book (still in progress).

Impact of the Menstrual Cycle on Determinants of Energy Intake – Reseach Review

That’s what today’s research review is about, a look at how things such as energy intake, appetite, energy expenditure and body weight change throughout a woman’s cycle, as well the impact of birth control is briefly examined along with some issues related to PMS and food cravings.

Meal Patterning and Frequency Part 2 – Book Excerpt

I’ve shown the different patterns that I described below to show how the weekly deficit can be the same or larger with the different approaches. IF’ing really just describes a different daily meal pattern and I’ll still assume the same weekly deficit. It can easily be combined with the ADF/ICR types of approaches. So even eating later in the day, calories could be varied from lowered/very low along with the shift in how the calories are distributed throughout the day. But you can see that the ADF/ICR approaches can actually generate a greater weekly deficit than straight CR.

Meal Frequency and Meal Patterning Part 1 – Book Excerpt

Having set up a diet, there are additional issues that need to be addressed such as meal frequency and overall meal patterning (on a given day) and calorie distribution (over the course of the week). I’ll look at each in some detail including some relatively “new” approaches that may be superior under some conditions. Finally I’ll end this chapter by looking at a question that most may have never considered.

Antidepressants and Weight Gain

I couldn’t really answer the first question as asked since some anti-depressants are just as likely to cause weight loss as weight gain. Much of it depends on the type of medication you’re talking about and the context as always. So let me look at a few different types of medications and how they might or might not impact on this.

Fat Loss Supplements

There are absolutely compounds that have been shown to have some effect on one or another component of fat loss. Some increase energy expenditure, some help to blunt appetite, some do both. None of them can or will ever make up for a proper diet and exercise program and at most they add only a small amount to the overall results. Absolutely none of them are required for fat loss but they may be useful.

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