Epic Podcast with Abbey Orr of First Base Fitness

So while I have an exciting announcement (hint: new book, no not THAT book) in a week or two I want to make people aware of yet another podcast I did recently with Abbey Orr of First Base Fitness. As usual, I talked way too long and I think we went about 2.5 hours in total. I do love hearing myself talk.

Bodyrecomposition Mailbag 4

Having written about what calories are, it’s time to return to the mailbag since this is always an easy way for me to get content. Today I’ll address questions about heart rate monitors and metabolic rate, agronomist activity levels and calorie levels, NEAT and adaptive thermogenesis, and then a long answer on the topic of whether to lose fat or gain muscle for a beginner at 20% bodyfat and what I suggest doing (if I were a different kind of writer I’d that THE ANSWER WILL SHOCK YOU!).

And Yet More Podcasts

I also did a long podcast with Steve Hall o the Revive Stronger Podcast where we talked about, among other topics, the use of transition phases for people seeking physique gains. I had written about this on the site before but we went into a lot of detail about how they might be used between gaining and dieting phases, dieting and gaining phases, as well as being a form of practice for long-term maintenance when a Full Diet Break is done within a longer diet.

New Podcasts with Vicky Merceta and Jason Shepis

So a couple of new podcasts that I did recently. The first was with Vicky Merceta of Don’t Fear the Weight on, as you’d imagine, women’s issues. It was a monster 2 hours although we had to re-record the first hour when Skype ate it. The first hour focuses on issues related to nutrition, fat loss, mistakes women often make along with concerns such as the loss of the menstrual cycle. The second was dedicated to training, more from a performance and muscle growth standpoint. Until the women’s book is done, this should give folks a good overview of the topic.

Female Fat Loss Seminar with Eric Helms

Just one quick announcement this week, I will be doing a webinar with the one and only Eric Helms on the topic of Female Fat Loss via FitProDevelopment. I of course have been working for what seems like forever on the upcoming women’s book (nearly done, I promise) and not only has Eric contributed two sections on peak week and making weight, he has provided endless feedback on my writing which comes out of his experience coaching female competitors.

New Podcasts: Mind Body and Evil Sports Genius

I did two new podcast interviews recently, one with Lidor Dayan for the Mind Body Podcast and another on anabolics with Evil Genius. Enjoy!

Bodyrecomposition Mailbag 3

So another dig into the mailbag to save myself having to think of another feature article to write. The three questions today have to do with fat loss and muscle sparing, phosphatidylserine, cortisol and water retention. Finally is a look at causes of a plateau in weight gain.

An Introduction to Dieting Part 2

Continuing from last week’s republication of a chapter on diet from the forthcoming women’s book, I want to take a general look at the issues of dietary restraint, disinhibition and rigid versus flexible dieting attitudes. Restraint, Disinhibition and Dieting Attitudes When I talked about stress, I mentioned the concepts of restraint and disinhibition and want […]

An Introduction to Dieting Part 1

This is actually an excerpt from the Women’s Book which I’d note has now been split into two volumes (Volume I is one nutrition, fat loss, etc. and Volume 2 will be about training) of which the first is nearing completion (I promise). However, it’s undergone enormous rewriting since I originally published it, including the addition of a completely new section. So I’ve unpublished the original to republish the updated version in two parts over the next two weeks.

More from the Mailbag

Ok, I know I promised something special last week but with all of the grinding and gnashing of teeth over the election, I would hate for it to get lost in the noise.  So instead I’ll throw a quick mailbag together which I don’t mind getting lost in that noise.  In today’s questions, I’ll address […]

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