Best Pharmaceutical or Herb for Blunting Appetite – Q&A

Q: Love your articles…keep up the great work! What is most efficient pharmaceutical/herb for blunting appetite? A: Well, assuming you’re not talking about prescription types of drugs, I still have to say that the good old ephedrine/caffeine stack is one of the best appetite suppressants. In fact, early studies suggested that a majority (75% as I recall) of its effects were mediated via appetite suppression. I’d note that the appetite effects do wear off with time (although the thermogenic effects do not); adding the amino acid L-tyrosine (1 gram or so) seems to ‘re-activate’ the appetite suppressant effects. The old Dexatrim, which had pseudoephedrine HCL in it, was an excellent non-stimulant appetite suppressant. Good because it could be taken at night without keeping folks awake. Unfortunately, it seems to have gone the way of the dodo and I haven’t seen it in forever (the new Dexatrim package is a combination of crap and more crap). Some folks have experienced effects from the herb hoodia gordonii. Hoodia is a herb from a flowing plant that may trick the brain into thinking that you’re fed. I’ve also heard that there is some problem with getting accurately dosed products. Synephrine is another one that helps some people. As an alpha-1 agonist, it increases leptin uptake into the brain and I suspect this is the mechanism behind its appetite blunting effects. Enova oil (a specialized diglyceride that is even available at Walmart of all places) has been shown to help with appetite. Unlike normal fatty acids, Enova goes to the liver (similar to medium chain triglycerides or MCT’s) and probably sends a ‘fullness’ signal to the brain. Studies have shown that Enova also slightly increases fat loss on a diet (you might get an extra 0.2 lbs/week fat loss). Lest we forget, good old soluble fiber (in the form of guar gum or glucomannan) can be helpful. It not only slows digestion but also ‘gels’ in the stomach sending a feeling of fullness. I’m sure there are others I’ve forgotten but the above represents most of what I’m familiar with or have used myself.