DOMS and Muscle Growth

Since I am flummoxed (yes, flummoxed) at what to write about this week, I’m going to address something in brief (for me) that came up on my Facebook group which has to do with the role of soreness, or more accurately delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and growth. This has been one of those ideas floating […]

Bulgarian Powerlifting Training

Ever since coach Ivan Abadjaev (you will see this spelled about 12 different ways) reinvented training for Olympic lifting in the 70’s or thereabouts, it’s common for his ideas to propagate through other non Olympic lifting sports especially powerlifting. Every five years or so (usually as someone new comes into the game), someone will get […]

Heavy Light Medium Training

Having either depressed or angered folks with last week’s discussion on anabolic steroids and how they factually build muscle and strength without training I want to shift gears and write about something that is in the long-list of “Stuff I’ve been meaning to put down” and never gotten around too.  There’s a lot of this […]

To Strap or Not to Strap

That is the question.  Whether tis nobler to have your grip fail in the middle of a set or to maintain your macho hardheadeness in the face of complete wrongness….&c Ok, feeling literary as I write this apparently.  Just one of those mornings.  Today I want to ramble about lifting straps. And no I’m not […]

The Most Absurd Training I Have Ever Done

Last week I described possible the most boring training in the history of training which was my return from a fairly extended layoff during last year’s disaster.  So to switch gears completely, I want to write about something that I’ve been meaning to put to “paper” somewhere for quite some time.  And it might as […]

Round Backed Deadlifts Another Look

Ok, my brain must be feeling better since it’s, oh my god, new content.  This is actually one of many pieces that have been floating around my brain but, let’s just say I had other things going on for a bit. Anyhow, what I want to look at today is the arguments surrounding the whole […]

Two a Day Training in the Weight Room Part 4

Ok, it’s finally time to wrap this up.  First a quick recap for both summary and SEO reasons.  In Part 1 I talked about some of the potential benefits (and drawbacks) of training twice a day.  Then in Part 2 I talked about some general concepts relating to training twice a day in the weight […]

Two a Day Training in the Weight Room Part 3

Ok, having spammed you the last two weeks with stuff about new book products I want to finally finish up the Two a Day Training in the Weight room series.  I’m not going to go over all of the potential benefits (or drawbacks) that I discussed in Part 1 but do want to summarize the […]

Two a Day Training in the Weight Room Part 2

Ok, so in Two-a-Day Training in the Weight Room Part 1, I talked a little bit about the sports history of two-a-day training along with some of the potential benefits (and drawbacks) of training twice daily.   And while my focus was on weight room training, I managed to talk about endurance and performance training a […]

Two a Day Training in the Weight Room Part 1

Ok, this article (which will  assuredly be two parts) came out of a question on my FB group regarding two-a-day training for natural lifters.  His question, more or less was if it was productive or counterproductive to train twice daily (assuming one has the time) and while the answer is always that it depends the […]

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